Internet is one of the most important part in today’s world. In most of the internet subscription, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) issues a dynamic IP address that may change each time the customer connects to the Internet. downloadThe device whose MAC address is monitored by an ISP can be a PC, a router or a modem. MAC address is used to uniquely identify a system on a LAN and is an essential component required for network protocols like TCP/IP. IP address specifies details like geographic location but MAC address does not reveal.

The ISP allows the customer to build a free network behind this equipment but it requires that the MAC address to match the registered values. This creates a problem when the customer replaces the device since the new device’s MAC address varies and the connection will be cut by ISP for security. Contacting ISP regarding this problem and fixing it will take more time, during which the Internet Service will not be available.

macaddressCloning helps to deal with such problems. In this method, we change the MAC address of the new device so that it matches the original device. This is emulated in software, since it cannot be changed in hardware. Today, MAC address cloning is supported by many broadband routers as an advanced configuration option.

In some cases, the ISP tracks the MAC address of the host computer’s network adapter within the home network. In such cases if you swap the computer connected to the broadband modem or the network adapter, resetting both the cable modem and computer will automatically change the MAC address.

If you want to change the MAC address using operating system, in Linux and Unix the ‘ifconfig’ will help to change the MAC address and in Windows you can change through the Windows My Network Places interface.

How to Change MAC address
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